Who am I?

Welcome to my website.
My name is Martin Langer, I am musician, singer-songwriter, guitar and handpan player, music producer and DJ from Germany. I am also an ambassador of plant medicine, like Cacao, Sananga, Kambo, Ayahausca, Bufo and Wachuma.

Besides all that I educate people about Bitcoin, Ethererum and crypto currencies as the blockchain technology will overtake in the future, as back in the days the internet.


Bitcoin will be the new gold as digitalization spreads. Smart contracts coins like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Radix, Polkadot, BNB, and Cardano will be used to make life simpler by automating processes. This will cut out middlemen like banks, authorities, bureaucracy and even governments. That is one of the reasons why the adoption is slow and when you are reading this, we are still very early.

How big is crypto

Most people don’t know how big enterprises are  in this industry and how many coders and marketing people work for certain crypto projects. The technology and the problems which can be solved are so wide-ranging, it is unbelievable. There are more than 50 categories 

bitcoin and jesus are kings

What is money and why do you need Bitcoin BTC

Money has to fulfill five functions . So lets have a look at these 5 functions, what are the characteristics and properties of money.

In order for a product to perform the functions of money, it must first meet the following characteristics:

01 Scarcity:
Scarcity means that the good, which takes over the functions of the money, is limited and not by everyone arbitrarily multipliable. Example: Sand or stones do not fulfill it, special stones, like diamonds fulfill it. Cash does not fulfill this anymore as the EZB and the Federal Reserve print money like crazy.

02 Durability:
Durability means that the good has its original properties even after years and cannot be changed.
Example: Tomatoes or other perishable goods do not fulfill it, cash, gold or silver do.

03 Divisibility:
Divisibility means that the good, despite a divisibility, does not lose its original properties.
Example: Livestock does not fulfill it, cash, gold, silver or diamonds do.

04 Transportability:
Transportable means that the good can be moved from one place to another with little effort.
Example: Land or buildings do not meet the requirements. Livestock, salt and shells do.
Depending how much worth you want to transport, cash and gold is only fulfilled to a limited extent.

05 General acceptance:
General acceptance means that the good is recognized by all participants and meets with approval as an object of exchange.
Example: Cigarettes have nowadays hardly a chance to be accepted as payment, directly after the 2nd world war however you could use it for paying. 

The Bitcoin 4 year Cycle and the Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin and the cryto currencies market run in a 4 years cycle. This is due to the Bitcoin Halving Mechanism. Every 4 years Bitcoin peaks and then usually falls around 80% withing one year. Then the bottom is reached and we go into a new cycle.

BTC Peak in 2013

Bitcoin peaks in November 2013 at a price of  $1,242 and then falls down to $340 in April 2014:

BTC Peak in 2017

Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high of $19,783 on 17th December 2017 and then falls down to $3300 one year later on 8th December 2018:

BTC Peak in 2021

Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high of $69,044 on 8th November 2021 and then falls down to $15,503 12 month later on 21st Novemer 2022:

BTC Peak in 2025 and new All time high in 2024

Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high of $71,597 on 11th March 2024 and due to the BTC ETFs this will go up to $150k – $200k in 2025. The Halving is coming up in April 2024 and the peak will usually be 15-18 month after the Halving. That means we are on the peak of the Bitcoin bullrun between September and December 2025. After that a new 4 years cycle will start

Even if you are skeptical.

Even if you are skeptical about Bitcoin and crypto currencies, you should at least put 10% of your assets and fortune into BTC and Ethereum. The inflation is on a 40 years all time high and your money looses value like crazy.

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Namaste and have a great day